Whistleblowing Tool and Regulation

ERNI Group is committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in the way that we do business. Our core values lie at the heart of our corporate culture and distinguish ERNI as a very special enterprise. We understand that this is crucial to our continued success and reputation. Our Code of Conduct and internal regulations guide our professional conduct in every business situation. Therefore, we have a professional responsibility to speak up and report unethical behavior.

In line with ERNI’s Code of Conduct, we want to protect employees who come forward and report concerns in good faith by encouraging a culture in which employees can raise concerns regarding unethical conducts without having to fear any adverse consequences so they can be addressed to help ERNI getting better and safer business by preventing non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, ERNI Regulations and national laws which may lead to impairment of ERNI’s integrity, financial loss, regulatory sanctions and/or reputational damage.

ERNI’s Integrity Line is an important element in detecting corrupt, illegal or other undesirable conduct. ERNI strongly encourages you to speak up through our internal tool if you suspect or witness any matters of concern.

If you are aware of an unethical conduct as defined in the Whistleblowing Regulation please report it through ERNI’s Integrity Line in the button above.

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